Air-Hydraulic Systems - Means Engineering

Our Engineering Department will aid you in designing a hydraulic systems tailored to your specific needs. We design and fabricate total systems, including connection to your existing machinery. Start up assistance & installation is also available, along with hydraulic fluid filtration requirements.


Solutions start with engineering know-how. Our proposals will meet the challenge you give us with systems designed for maximum performance and maintainability. If you have your own engineering department, we can supplement it. If you don't, we will become your staff and fill a crucial role in making your project a productive reality.


Air-Hydraulic Systems has comprehensive facilities for meeting every hydraulic need, from design assistance and engineering consultation to complete fabrication, from building subassemblies to assembling, testing and installing an entire customized system. Industry has relied on our professionalism and capabilities for over 35 years. We can handle the entire job or whatever portion you assign to us.

  • We have developed systems for virtually every industry: Taconite mining and processing, logging, food processing, energy, manufacturing, agriculture and construction.

  • Air-Hydraulic Systems works with you during the quotation process and discusses the proposed system point by point, making any desired changes. Air-Hydraulic Systems provides AUTOCAD-produced schematics, layout drawings and a materials list for the complete system. The list includes the power unit actuators and controls.

  • For a quotation, call your local Air-Hydraulic Systems sales office, or phone/e-mail our engineering department direct: Phone: 612-374-8811, Email: